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Turkey Day Tips to Keep Feast Day Festive

Did you know that more than 4000 fires occur nationwide on Thanksgiving every year?  Read the following tips to keep your home and guests safe!


Test your oven periodically before Thanksgiving. It is always good to replace a heating element before you have the turkey in the oven!

Keep it clean. The cleaner your oven is, the more efficiently it will work. A dirty oven can easily catch on fire.


Test all smoke alarms to ensure that they are functioning properly.


Remain in the kitchen when cooking on your stove so you can stir and check on your food regularly.


Keep potholders, food wrappers, and any other items that could catch fire away from heat sources while cooking.


Your turkey may take quite some time to cook, but it’s important to stay home while it’s in the oven so you can check on it frequently.


Make sure kids and curious pets remain supervised at all times. Keep them at least 3 feet away from the stove.


While cooking, keep your pots and pan handles turned inward to help avoid accidents like spilling hot liquid.


Keep knives and other sharp objects out of the reach of children, and be sure there aren’t any cords dangling off the counter.


When you’ve finished cooking, double check to make sure that stove burners and all other appliances have been turned off.


If you decorate with candles, please do not leave them burning unattended!


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